Josh Wood

As his mother says, Josh has been playing drums since ‘in utero’. Born in New York City in 1989, Josh was raised by his visual artist parents to “follow his passion”. His father was his idol. Josh began playing actual drums at age 11 and, until he came to Berklee College of Music where he is a graduating senior, he was basically self-taught – studying master drummers online. During his years at Berklee, Josh has studied with some of the world’s greatest contemporary drummers and percussionists, including Dave DiCenso, Mike Mangini, Rod Morgenstein, and Steve Wilkes. . 

Josh plays acoustic and electronic drum set and percussion. From an early age he had tremendous curiosity about all styles of music, developing a love for everything from Metal to Middle Eastern, Latin, Brazilian, Funk and beyond. He’s been active in Boston and New York, playing and recording different kinds of music with many different groups and artists. Over the last year he has been composing orchestral music that defies categorization, featuring instruments from all over the world in unique combinations, utilizing complex polyrhythms. He will be debuting his original compositions in the Spring of 2011.

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